Abaya Shopping in the United Arab Emirates: Where to Buy Borkas and Abayas

Abayas and borkas are traditional garments worn by women in many Muslim countries, including the United Arab Emirates. These loose-fitting, modest dresses are not only a symbol of cultural identity but also a fashion statement for many women. If you are looking to buy abayas and borkas in the UAE, you will find a wide range of options to choose from. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best places to shop for these garments in the United Arab Emirates.

1. Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is not only one of the largest shopping malls in the world but also a hub for fashion and luxury. Here, you will find a plethora of stores offering a wide variety of abayas and borkas. From traditional designs to modern interpretations, Dubai Mall has something to suit every taste and budget. Some popular stores to check out include Haya Couture, Abaya House, and Al Mazyoona Abaya.

2. Abu Dhabi Mall

Abu Dhabi Mall is another excellent destination for abaya shopping in the UAE. This mall boasts a diverse range of stores, including well-known brands and local boutiques. Make sure to visit stores like Al Manzel Abaya, Al Marwa Abaya, and Al Wahda Abaya to explore their unique collections. Whether you are looking for a simple everyday abaya or an intricately embellished borka for a special occasion, Abu Dhabi Mall has you covered.

3. Sharjah Souq

If you prefer a more traditional shopping experience, head to the Sharjah Souq. This bustling marketplace is known for its vibrant atmosphere and authentic Arabic products. Here, you will find numerous shops selling abayas and borkas in a variety of styles and designs. The Sharjah Souq is particularly famous for its selection of embroidered and handcrafted abayas. Don’t forget to bargain for the best prices!

4. Online Retailers

In addition to physical stores, there are several online retailers that offer a wide range of abayas and borkas. Websites like Modanisa, EastEssence, and Namshi provide a convenient platform to browse and purchase these garments from the comfort of your own home. Online shopping allows you to explore a vast collection of designs and styles, with the added advantage of doorstep delivery.

5. Local Boutiques

For a more personalized shopping experience, consider visiting local boutiques that specialize in abayas and borkas. These boutique stores often have unique and exclusive designs that you may not find elsewhere. Some popular boutique options include Hayaa Clothing in Dubai, Nafisa Boutique in Abu Dhabi, and Al Anwaar Abaya in Sharjah. These boutiques offer a curated selection of high-quality abayas and borkas.

When shopping for abayas and borkas, it’s important to consider factors such as fabric quality, size options, and customer reviews. Additionally, keep in mind any cultural or religious guidelines that may influence your choice of design or color. Whether you prefer a traditional black abaya or a more contemporary style, the United Arab Emirates offers a wide range of options to cater to every taste and preference.

Remember to explore different stores and compare prices and designs before making a purchase. With the abundance of choices available, you are sure to find the perfect abaya or borka that reflects your personal style and cultural heritage.